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Sabrina Malheiros: 10 Years at Far Out Recordings

Sabrina Malheiros: 10 Years at Far Out Recordings

"Here at Far Out Recordings we are marking a particularly special occasion: 10 years of working with one of our flagship artists, the supremely talented Sabrina Malheiros! To celebrate, we've decided to take a look at some of her best work. To start with we're going all the way back to 2005 and her first release for us:



Sabrina's debut album started as she meant to go on, with a sublime mix of bossa nova and samba with a more modern approach exemplified by the strains of hip-hop, r 'n' b and electronica running throughout the album. 'Equilibria' combines timeless Brazilian songwriting with contemporary electronics and beats to produce one of 2005's hottest Brazilian debuts and a key release for the label. Written by her father and bassist for Azymuth, Alex Malheiros and Sabrina herself, the album also features Jose Roberto Bertrami (keyboards) and Ivan Conti (drums/percussion), both also veterans of the legendary Brazilian fusion outfit. On top of this, there are contributions from infamous UK Jazz-Soul-funk legends Incognito, Bluey and his son Daniel Maunick (aka DJ Venom, who produced the album). Legendary Brazilian percussionist Cidinho Moriera also guests. This sumptuous blend of old and new Brazilian styles was a great harbinger of things to come both for Sabrina and Far Out in general.

"a perfect summer soundtrack...the best rhythm breaks you will hear in ages..."

The Independent

"Outstanding debut album...terrific"

Daily Express

"Sabrina posseses an incomparably beautiful singing voice.."

Straight No Chaser

New Morning


2008 saw the release of Sabrina Malheiros' sophomore effort ‘New Morning’, described by her as a ‘more organic’ follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Equilibria’ and its mix of timeless and contemporary Brazilian sounds. In what could have been a risky move for Malheiros, being a vocalist, she decided to focus more on the instrumentation this time round. It payed off in a big way, in large part because of Malheiros' deployment of an all-star Brazilian team including: Jose Roberto Bertrami, Ivan Conti, Zé Carlos, Idriss Boudrioua and Paulinho Braga as well as legendary Brazilian arranger and composer Arthur Verocai. With ‘70s inspired sweeping samba-soul nestling up alongside boogie-tinged jazz, house rhythms and funky cinematic-bossa breaks and, of course, Sabrina's unmistakable vocals, ‘New Morning' saw Rio's original nu-bossa star recreate the honesty of her debut but with a new sense of maturity and sophistication. The album erupts with the bubbling bossa samba hybrid ‘Brisa Mar’ with lyrics co-written by her father Alex Malheiros which were inspired by the sea. This track, alongside ‘Sintonia’, are particularly exemplary of the powerful combination of Sabrina’s writing and vocal abilities and the grand string arrangements of the renowned Arthur Verocai. The result is a set of songs that would sound timeless in a distinctly Brazilian way and would sit comfortably in any classic film score. Sabrina recalls that “Arthur Verocai arranged some of my songs…I discovered a like-minded spirit”. This connection between two musicians from different generations is what gives this album its unique quality, one that sums up the Far Out approach. With her second release. Sabrina Malheiros embarked on a musical rite of passage that resulted in an album that can only be described as a masterpiece.

“On ‘New Morning’ Rio's Sabrina Malheiros’ lush voice projects an effortless luminosity, while retaining that essential Brazilian cool.”

The Daily Telegraph

“Malheiros’ ‘New Morning’ has been widely deemed the best album of the summer.”

The Evening Standard/London Lite ****

“’New Morning’ mixes retro jazz-soul with retooled bossa grooves. The arrangements for strings, brass and woodwind are the real delight, adding rare distinction.”

The Independent on Sunday

The Wave(2009)

Though credited primarily to Sabrina's father, Alex Malheiros, and Banda Utopia, the Far Out songstress' presence can be felt throughout the album, not least due to the fact that she lends her vocals to every one of it's rich, jazzy cuts. Having established himself throughout his storied career as one of Brazil's all-time greatest bassists, in large due to his work with Azymuth, Malheiros got the chance here to collaborate with Banda Utopia and his daughter Sabrina, turning his attention to the jazz and bossa nova that influenced him to create a modern jazz classic. Alex Malheiros said of The Wave, "this is an album that has motivated me to revisit the time when I started playing in the 60s creating contemporary jazz". Remarkably, the legendary bass player has retained that contemporary edge, and a large part of why is down to the contribution of Sabrina, an artist who, as we known, has always kept one foot in Brazil's musical history and tradition, with one eye firmly facing the future. This modern edge is also accentuated by remixes from IG Culture, adding flecks of hip-hop and broken beat to the already scintillating combination of sounds.

"Elegant yet sensual... hip-swiveling samba grooves... soothing selection"


"Need cheering up? The funky Brazilian Azymuth bassist’s session does just that with its

tonic of chilled bossa and clubby samba"


"Brazilian jazz slab of excellence...jazz loveliness"

Fly Global



The third original studio album from Rio’s nu-bossa star, Sabrina Malheiros, combines the minimal electronic soul inspired sound of her debut Equilibria with the sweeping organic Brazilian pop of New Morning along with traditional sounds of Brazil. Sabrina once again deftly links past and present by applying the seductive sounds of the best of the bossa and samba that inspired her to a new palette, resulting in a truly original sound for the Brazil of the future. Perhaps her finest work to date, Dreaming confirms Sabrina's position as one of the finest female Brazilian songwriters of her generation (if that were even necessary after the skill and talent her first two albums so heartily displayed). Featuring leading Brazilian musicians including Sabrina's father Alex Malheiros (Azymuth); Jesse Sadoc (Marcos Valle); Alfredo Cardim (Joyce); Robertinho Silva (Milton Nascimento) and written and co-produced with Sabrina by partner Daniel ‘Venom’ Maunick (Viper Squad / son of Bluey Incognito) the record finds a beautiful place between nu-Rio, classic Brazil, and the complex melodic electronic music emerging from the post-dubstep and post-drum & bass sounds of today's London dance diaspora. On her third release for the label, we see proof once again of the remarkable fruits of the partnership between Sabrina and Far Out, one that we are sure will see us well long into the future.

“Far Out have unearthed a little nugget”

Time Out

“A rising star of Brazilian music … magical”


“Born to sing…rich, soulful, gorgeous”


“Samba & bossa cleverly combined with disco & soul”

Rolling Stone

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