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Sabrina Malheiros | Clareia Remixes

Release date: 22/09/2017


1. Clareia (Henry Wu Remix)

2. Clareia (Dego's 2000black Remix)

3. Clareia (IG Culture Remix)

Three major players from the now multi-generational broken beat scene: Henry Wu, Dego (2000 Black) and IG Culture have assembled for an irresistible late summer bruk-samba trip.

Brazilian rhythms have always been a foundational influence on the broken-beat and future jazz movements, and this EP continues to explore these connections, a running theme throughout Far Out's 23 year history with Seiji, Mark Pritchard, Afronaught, Domu, Da Lata and Jazzanova being just a few of the names to have contributed to this particular avenue of the label's pantheon of dance music.

The joyful samba-soul in the title track of Sabrina Malheiros' latest album features the bass and keys of Brazilian Jazz-funk legendsAzymuth, and is inspired by the quest for clarity in the face of difficult times; Clareia in Sabrina’s own words “means to clear, light, brighten or illuminate”. But this remix EP beautifully ruptures the 'clarity' in style, each crafting the breezy Brazilian beats into their own distinct brand of future-thinking club-funk... these beats were made to be broken!

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Sabrina Malheiros
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