Sabrina Malheiros Remix Album ‘Vibrasons’ – Out Now!

Sabrina Malheiros follows up her stunning debut album ‘Equilibria’ with ‘Vibrasons’ – a collection of remixes of some of the most popular tracks from ‘Equilibria’ released June 26th.

There’s also the hip-hop beats of the instrumental version of ‘Equilibria’ plus a bonus track from Sabrina– a firing drum ‘n’ bass cut named ‘Iemanja’.

The remixes by Nicola Conte, Kirk Degiorgio, Boston Rodriguez and Max Cole & Beatnik are all exclusive to this CD (as is the bonus track and instrumental) and the mixes from Quantic, Spiritual South, Kenny Dope, Incognito, Venom and Roc Hunter were only released on limited vinyl only DJ runs. ‘Vibrasons’ is not a collection for DJs though – with a mix of styles and tempos it flows like an artist album.

We have the nu-bossa stylings of Nicola Conte rubbing up against the Balearic funk of Kirk Degiorgio’s mix (very much in the style of his new Beauty Room project on Peacefrog). Gilles Peterson knows a thing or two about finding hot new acts and we’ve got remixes from two new acts he’s been hyping: Max Cole & Beatnik, who drop some laid-back future space funk for Sabrina to glide over whilst Boston Rodriguez drops a 21st century funk-jam. Kenny Dope, Spiritual South & Roc Hunter provide the floor fillers with their samba-house remixes whilst Incognito & Venom’s mixes are straight up bossas. Quantic gets low down and dirty with Sabrina with his bass-heavy r ‘n’ b groove and ‘Vibrasons’ leaves you on a high with the scorching full-vocal drum ‘n’ bass groove ‘Equilibria’.

Track Listings

1. Terra De Ninguém (Remixed By Nicola Conte)

2. Passa (Remixed By Quantic)

3. Saudade Rio (Remixed By Kirki Degiorgio’s As One)

4. Capoeira Vai (Remixed By Spiritual South)

5. Equilibria (Instrumental)

6. Passa (Remixed By Venom)

7. Cade Voce (Remixed By Max Cole & Beatnik)

8. Maracatueira (Remixed By Incognito)

9. Nao Quero Nem Saber (Remixed By Boston Rodriguez)

10. Capoeira Vai (Remixed By Roc Hunter)

11. Iemanja (Bonus Track)