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Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia Feat. Sabrina Malheiros

Azymuth’s celebrated bass player Alex Malheiros returns with this stunning solo project.

Full of perfectly crafted authentic jazz ‘The Wave’ features Banda Utopia’s dazzling musicianship, Alex’s gifted daughter Sabrina Malheiros’ lush vocals and IG Culture remix twists. World renowned and a seriously funky bass player, Alex Malheiros is a genuine Brazilian music hero.

As part of the legendary electric jazz funk trio Azymuth, Malheiros has established himself as one of the all time great bassists. Malheiros delivers a stunning performances on double bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar and backing vocals while the flawlessly arranged keys, brass and percussion of Banda Utopia compliment with a flourish.

Alex’s daughter and fellow Far Out recording artist Sabrina Malheiros adds her beautiful 21st century nu bossa vocal to give the album a sublime summertime edge while IG Culture’s remixes fit perfectly with the feel-good atmosphere. Alex Malheiros learnt his trade playing with the master of Brazilian swing Ed Lincoln in the dance halls of 60s Rio de Janeiro.

Alex has performed and recorded with the greats of Brazilian music and is a beautiful songwriter with perfect balance of harmony and groove; the archetypal bass player, calm and relaxed whilst all around him is in mayhem.

Alex Malheiros is respected in Brazil as one of the original groove masters, having developed a unique sound with his Rickenbacker bass licks. “This is an album that has motivated me to revisit the time when I started playing professionally in the 60s creating contemporary jazz. ‘The Wave’ features cover versions of Bobbi Humphrey track ‘Uno Esta’ and original Alex Malheiros songs.

Daniel Maunick, son of the legendary Bluey from Incognito, produced the album having formed a great partnership with the Malheiros family and the result is a funky and chilled out slice of universal jazz.

Standout tracks ‘Uno Esta’, ‘The Wave’ and ‘Copa a Noite’ instantly stick in your mind and with its mix of classic jazz and Brazilian vibes ‘The Wave’ is a record to cherish.

Sabrina Malheiros
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